It seems to be more common than not to have experience in dealing with headaches. Many of my clients suffer from this uncomfortable issue very regularly. There are many diverse factors that can create a headache, and those are for another discussion.

What I would like to focus on today are potential solutions. I am going to provide a list of different natural remedies to clear away a headache. Keep in mind that headaches are caused by an array of issues from chemicals to tension. Not every suggestion will be a cure but they will provide you with options.

Essential Oils are becoming more and more popular, and for great reasons! Different oils are beneficial for different things. There are a few that helpful when dealing with a headache. Thyme, Rosemary, Peppermint, and Lavender can be used in this regard. Use them in a diffuser, in carrier oils, or in a foot bath.

Heat and ice can be of great help. To release muscle tightness heat can be applied directly to the muscles involved. The back of the neck and shoulders tends to be common ground for many people with tension. Ice is beneficial with pulsing headaches, either on the temples or occiput.

Meditation and yoga allow for focused attention to leave the pain of the headache. More oxygen is passed through our bodies, especially in yoga. These two things can boost relaxation and the connection we have to our bodies.

Massage and stretching allow the muscle tension to dissipate. If muscles are too tight they are making it difficult for blood to flow properly. If our brain is not receiving enough blood it will not function properly. Stretch and utilize your full range of motion in your shoulders and neck.

Being sure to take daily vitamins and eat a balanced diet are also great factors in feeling great. Different teas like ginger root or chamomile can have great effects when treating headaches.

There are many different remedies for headaches, and these are just a few. These are the few that I have personally found great relief from. Keep these options in mind next time you or someone near you is experiencing headache pain that does not want to go away on its own. Of course if it is a migraine or a more chronic pain, always consult your primary physician.

Happy living!