You Don’t Have to Live with Migraines & Headaches

Relieve and Prevent Your Migraines/Headaches With Alternative Medicine

So there I was… working on a patient… when she mentions that she has a bit of a headache. Automatically, I ask the usual questions: Where does it hurt? How bad is it?… Do you have headaches often?

And she floors me by answering (to the last question), “Well, I get migraines, not headaches. And not too often… maybe five or six times a week.”

Five or six days per week?!

And then, when I asked how long she’s experienced migraines for this often, she said, “Oh, since I was a teenager.” My jaw drops, even as I write this. This woman has grown children! She’s been experiencing severe pain, nearly every day of her life, for nearly as long as I’ve been alive. !!!

Fun Fact

A person should get, perhaps, one or two unexplained headaches per year. Tops. That’s all that’s “normal”.

How on earth is this ok? How on earth has the medical profession not helped this woman before now? How do you wake up and go to work and feed your kids and run errands and maybe smile and generally live when you feel so rotten, so often?! But those being topics for another day…

I swallowed hard, and innocuously asked (I was proud of my acting ability that day), “Has anyone ever mentioned to you that acupuncture and massage can relieve your migraines? That with the right protocol, you can get rid of your migraines perhaps permanently?”

She paused for a moment, and answered, “No, I’ve never heard that. No one’s ever told me that before. Wow, that would be amazing.”

This is not an uncommon scenario- both the fact that regular migraines/headaches are so common, and that very few people know that acupuncture and massage can help so much. (I’ve known people who are in the medical profession, and who get acupuncture or massage regularly, and do not know this.) But every time it’s happened, it floors me. Headaches and migraines might be common or typical, but that shouldn’t be normal.

Migraines are common, but you shouldn't suffer from them. Acupuncture and massage can help!

Have migraines?

  • Sharp, pounding, or throbbing pain
  • May occur suddenly
  • May be linked to a particular stimulus- stress, food or drink, hormonal changes, excessive physical exertion or dehydration, etc.
  • Sensitivity to light or sound

Get back to your normal everyday activities and enjoy your life!

Acupuncture and massage both work to relieve migraines


Long-Term, and with

No Side Effects

Acupuncture to Relieve Migraines and Headaches

Acupuncture has been proven to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches, according to several studies. People experience fewer headaches after a course of treatment than before, and the effects lasted for several months.

At Kailo Acupuncture and Massage, each person receives an individually designed treatment. In general, though, acupuncture treatment works by reducing the initial stimulus for the migraine/headache pain. That varies from person to person, so describing specifics right here would take up a lot of space and may not apply to you!

Acupuncture definitely also relieves pain while you’re in the midst of a migraine attack, but your treatment is truly designed to heal the cause of your migraines, not just to reduce the pain.

A third benefit of acupuncture is that it also stimulates your body’s own ability to heal itself, and to stay healthier longer- again, resulting in fewer migraine attacks.

Massage to Relieve Migraines and Headaches

Massage also reduces the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches.  Several studies show that different types of massage- including myofascial release, Thai massage, and others- have this effect.

At Kailo Acupuncture and Massage, our therapists focus on pain relief, using techniques of neuromuscular massage and myofascial release. Applying those styles to patients with migraines is very effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines and all types of headaches.

More musings

Migraines are now considered to be neurological, not vascular. While the research proves this, we at Kailo think that’s not the whole story. If that’s true, massage shouldn’t have such a strong, long-lasting effect on migraines, as massage affects the physical structures of the body more strongly than the nervous system.

That would make sense in the case of acupuncture- after all, you’re putting a metal needle into a particular point in a bioelectromagnetic field. Interesting thoughts to ponder, and we’re sure that future research will further be able to pinpoint how acupuncture and massage truly affect the body.