Your Health Insurance & Your Healthcare Treatments

This Just In:

Your Health Insurance Plan May Cover Your Treatments!

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.  More and more health insurance companies are covering massage therapy and acupuncture.

Massage has been considered a practical, effective treatment for soft tissue injuries for millennia.  As you well know, massage is not just a luxury!  Health insurance companies have recently begun to get on board with this idea.  Many now consider massage therapy a medical and orthopedic treatment, and cover it as such.

Acupuncture enjoys even more widespread coverage than massage therapy.  Acupuncture is effective for a wide range of women’s health, chronic pain, digestive, and nervous system conditions.

In Network Coverage

We are in-network with Cigna PPO Health Insurance.

We are working on in-network status with United Health Insurance; however, this process can take several months.

We are not in-network with Aetna or Anthem BC/BS.

Easy, Hassle-Free Claim Approval

We work with your health insurance company to submit claims quickly and correctly, with no hassle to you.  It’s the most painless part of treating your injury!

Just think about it: you’re enjoying your favorite beverage, relaxing on your patio on a lovely summer’s evening.  Perhaps you’re reading a book, listening to your favorite band, or enjoying a conversation with one of your favorite people.

You’re not on the phone with your insurance company, arguing about coverage.  You’re not worrying about an unpaid bill.  You’re not thinking about how you’ll afford the treatments you both want and need.  You’re not in pain, with no aching joints or sharp spasms when you move.

This is the difference with Kailo Acupuncture and Massage!

Get Started

With Your Health Insurance Claim

We need two things from you before we can coordinate your health insurance billing.  First, you need to have current health insurance.

Second, you must have a doctor’s prescription.  You can provide us with a digital image of the prescription, or you may bring your prescription to your first session*.

*We prefer to have a digital image beforehand; if you accidentally arrive at your session without your prescription, we will not be able to bill your insurance and you will have to pay for that day’s treatment out-of-pocket.

Once we have your insurance information, we’ll call your insurance company to ensure that your plan covers your treatments.  This may take a day or two, but it avoids future billing hassles!

Then, we’ll start scheduling your treatments in accordance with your physician’s prescription.  You’ll be feeling better and back to your normal lifestyle before you know it!