MedPay Claims and Massage

You’ve been injured in a car accident, and now you’re suffering from whiplash, or worse.  You really need a massage; you’re in pain, but you still have a life to live.  Your life was not put on hold because of a car accident!

Enter your car insurance company; auto insurance medical treatments coverage is also called MedPay.  And Kailo Massage Therapy now bills MedPay!

We provide the experience you want, and the massage you need. We specialize in treating soft tissue injuries with the latest orthopedic massage techniques.  Click here to learn more about this type of massage.

Easy, Hassle-Free Claim Approval

We work with your auto insurance company to submit claims quickly and correctly, with no hassle to you.  It’s the most painless part of treating your injury!

Your health insurance company may also cover your massage treatments; learn more about health insurance claims here.  However, MedPay coverage has two advantages over a health insurance claim.

First, your auto insurance will also cover other people who were in your vehicle at the time of the accident.  Second, it’s easier and faster than health insurance billing, and time is of the essence when dealing with a recent injury!

Get Started

With Your MedPay Coverage

Before you come in for your massage treatments, we need your basic auto insurance information. We will call your insurance company before your first treatment, to ensure that your plan covers your massages.

This may take a day or two, but it avoids future billing hassles!

Then, we’ll start scheduling your treatments.  You’ll be feeling better and back to your normal lifestyle before you know it!

Please fill out the form below as completely as you can, and we will contact you within one business day.