Offer Chair Massage in Your Workplace

chair massage 2You want your business to thrive.  And that means supporting the team that supports your livelihood.

You want a team with high morale.  High morale means higher productivity and fewer sick days, which results in the growth that everyone wants to see.

Let us provide you with the way to boost morale into the stratosphere.  Onsite chair massage is the best way to increase focus and concentration, decrease stress, and improve problem-solving abilities- in 15 minutes or less!

Chair Massage Works for You

Stressed employees are unhappy, absent employees.  Offering chair massage in the workplace reduces absenteeism and employee turnover.  Stress-related complaints result in lost productivity on the order of $95 billion per year in the US alone!

Employees enjoy being able to talk about perks of their job.  Having a chair massage program- once a week, once a month, or once every few months- is one of the most popular corporate wellness benefits, with over 90% of employees participating in office chair massage programs.  That is the highest rate of use of any wellness benefit, other than health insurance.

Chair massage can boost employee morale, reduce your worker’s comp costs, and reduce employee turnover.  It’s also a great way to reward a high-performing team, or a team who has just reached an important project or company milestone.

Find out more about chair massage benefits here.

Office Chair Massage is Actually Affordable?!

Chair MassageIt certainly is!  We charge $75 per hour, and we can schedule 15-minute or 20-minute massages.  We also charge a $25 travel fee per day.  We do charge a slightly higher rate, but remember, tips are not necessary when you work with Kailo Massage Therapy!

Some companies pay for the entire cost of the massage.  Others simply offer the availability of the onsite therapist, and employees are more than happy to have the time off and pay for their own massages.  Other companies split the cost, where the employee pays for a portion of the massage, while the company covers the remainder.

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