Myofascial Massage

With the Finesse Massage Technique

Deep tissue back massageOne of the newest additions to our repertoire is the use of the Finesse Massage Technique, FMT.  Find out more about it on its main website.  FMT is a technique used for passive fascial restoration.  It’s a gentle technique, incorporated into your regular massage, that focuses on releasing fascial tension and adhesions.

FMT only uses 8 ounces of pressure to accomplish all this!  By understanding exactly how fascia works, Deborah Bruce developed the Finesse Massage Technique.  It uses a specific combination of movement and extremely gentle compression in order to release overly tight connections and adhesions in the fascia.

What’s So Special About Fascia?

Finesse Massage Technique releases fascial connections such as these

Fascia is the connective tissue that runs throughout your body. It connects, protects, separates, and encloses muscle, bone, nerve, and organs. Top research into fascia is quite recent, spanning only the last few years, and it has uncovered some fascinating properties of fascia.

  • Fascia converts mechanical signals into electrical and cellular signals
  • Fascia has more connections to the nervous system than muscles do
  • Inflammation of fascia can directly cause muscle pain
  • Fascia heals faster than skin; if fascia doesn’t heal, hernias and other injuries can persist!

Fascia used to be considered a passive structure in the human body.  However, fascia plays an extremely active role in muscle movement, pain perception, balance and proprioception, and more!

The Finesse Massage Technique Makes a Difference

By releasing the fascia that surrounds a muscle or muscles, those muscles can move more freely and easily- without pain.  Aches and soreness are relieved.

After decompressing the fascia surrounding nerves and blood vessels, blood and nerve flow is restored.  No more tingling or electric, sharp sensations.

Melissa Lefcourt is experienced with using the Finesse Massage Technique to relieve aches, pains, and soreness that may have been plaguing you for years.  Schedule your massage now, and feel the relief!