Massage for Teens & Teen Athletes

Teens Need Massage TooTeenagers are a very special population with whom we enjoy working.  They are growing and learning at prodigious rates, and often they’ll learn things that adults are not consciously trying to teach.

Massage for your teenager has enormous emotional and physical benefits.  Read more about benefits of massage here.  Massage is just as helpful to teenagers as it is to adults!  School is more demanding.  Sports programs are more demanding.

Providing massage for your child is one more way to give him/her all the resources they need to succeed at home, school, and in sports.

Massage for Teen Athletes


We can help your child prevent injuries, heal from injuries, and improve their sports performance.  

Your teenager might play organized sports like baseball, hockey, or soccer.  Or perhaps he or she runs, skis, or swims. Our therapists have the experience and training your teen needs for his/her sports performance.

If your child has been sidelined for an injury, massage can help him/her heal faster and ease the tension and pain of injury.

If your child feels okay but is often achy and tired, massage can improve their sports performance and sleeping habits, and reduce the recovery time needed between events.

In the competitive world of youth sports, peak performance is key.  Massage improves circulation and eases tension, which are key components in peak muscle and body performance.  We can help your teenager be his/her best self!

Teen Athletes & Sports Injuries: The Facts

  • The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) is reporting a rise in the number of youth sports injuries...

  • ...and a drop in the average age of young athletes with overuse injuries.

  • 1 in 3 children who play a team sport is injured seriously enough to miss practice or games.

    And most injuries happen during practices, not games!

  • Kids who play on more than one team are especially at risk for overuse injuries.

  • Sports injuries are the 2nd leading cause of ER visits for minors, and the 2nd leading cause of injuries in school.

What You Can Do To Prevent Injury

  1. Vary your child’s activities
    The best way to prevent overuse injuries is to make sure your child is using his/her whole body, not just one set of muscles.
  2. Find the best self-care regimen for your athlete
    A healthy diet, chiropractic care… and of course a great massage!… will help keep your athlete at peak performance levels.
  3. Ensure that your teen gets plenty of sleep
    Sleep restores the immune system… and more importantly, a happy attitude!
  4. Always address physical complaints
    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  If your child has severe pain for more than a day, or persistent pain for more than two weeks, please make an appointment with your pediatrician.  Catching a problem early can result in avoiding surgery or problems in adulthood for your child.

Many organizations, such as the AAOSSTOP Sports InjuriesSafe Kids Worldwide offer tips and checklists for preventing injuries.

Addressing Teen Needs

Massage for Teens

Teens have different emotional and physical needs than adults do.  Their bones, tissues, and muscles are growing much faster than an adult’s does.  If your teen is an athlete, he or she is just as susceptible to repetitive stress injuries as an adult working long hours on a computer.

Teens physically need more sleep than adults; they may not be able to get that sleep due to school, home, or extracurricular activities.  That reduces the body’s ability to rest and repair itself, as this happens best during sleep periods.

Our therapists are well aware of the different needs that teens have, and how to address those needs in a comfortable, caring manner.  Like many adults, teenagers may not know how to describe what they’re physically feeling.  Learning to pay attention to their bodies, and to communicate what they’re experiencing, is a skill that is useful as they become adults.

Learning to receive massage at a younger age can have wonderful results.  Your teen will learn to understand his/her body’s needs, and what to do about it- rest, exercise, see a doctor?  They’ll learn to express boundaries appropriately and in a safe manner; they’ll know they can say “I don’t like that” or “I don’t want my [feet, head, abdomen] touched today”, and their desires will be respected.

Your teenager will learn to understand the difference between safe touch and other touch.  Adults often teach their children “stranger danger”, which is vital!  But later in life, when a child has only been touched by parents and siblings, getting safe touch in a massage environment can help the teen learn to navigate the waters of touch in adulthood.

Massage is a wonderfully relaxing experience; the stress of the teen years is higher now than it has ever been, with different stressors in home, school, and sports & other environments.  Massage can help reduce that stress, and help your teen relax into being the wonderful family member that you know he/she can be!