We all love feeling our very best, I mean who doesn’t? Through the cold months of the year it seems like an accomplishment to remain healthy. While most everyone else is getting the sniffles, there’s nothing better than breathing clearly.

We all know those people (perhaps you are one) that expects to get sick during a certain time of year. Then there are those people that never seem to get sick…ever! To some people it may seem unfair, but to others it just seems to make sense.

Why don’t some people get sick?

Living a life without illness means living a life of wellness.

Your body functions optimally when you protect it from harmful environmental stressors. Your immune system needs a healthy body to run efficiently and to fight off corrupting sicknesses. In order to successfully do this, healthy-living habits must be part of your lifestyle.

Enhance your immune system!

Wash Your Hands!

Cleanse away unwanted germs to decrease the chances of them entering your body.

Sleep well!

Our body regenerates and reboots when we sleep. Sleep deprivation can elevate Cortisol which can suppress the immune system.

Avoid Nicotine!

Smoking increases the risks for bronchitis, pneumonia, and all types of cancers. Increased toxins in your body will inhibit the immune system dramatically.

Avoid Binging With Alcohol!

Too much alcohol can be detrimental to our body’s health and wellbeing. It can impair the immune system and cause our body to be dependent on the toxin.

Get Your Fruits and Vegetables or Supplements!

Consuming natural, whole, and raw foods provided by our mother earth will supply our bodies with the nutrients it needs to sustain a healthy immune system. Essential oils, like Tea Tree, help us to fight off infections.


Yoga, meditation, pilates, running, massage, the list goes on. Allowing our body to destress will decrease the toxicity in our system and produce happy healthy cells.


Laughter is truly the best medicine. Surround yourself with positive environments, positive people, and produce positive thoughts. What we think we become. Laughter wakes our body up to function optimally.

Don’t blame the season for your subjectivity to sickness. Take control of your health. Using these simple tips you may find yourself as the one that always has good health.