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Upcoming Price Adjustment

Every few years we adjust our prices upwards to allow for the costs of inflation. You will still get the same great service from your favorite service provider!

Prices will increase by $5 per session.

Our Flexible Savings Package will change, from a “Buy 6, Get One Free” structure to “Buy 7, Get One Free“. Since sessions from our Flexible Savings Package never expire, you may buy as many packages as you like at the current price. For more information on the two different discount packages we offer, please click here.

These changes will go into effect on October 15th, 2019.

Please note that our current prices will be displayed on session confirmations and appointment reminders if those reminders are sent before October 15th, and our new prices will apply if your appointment date is on or after October 15th.

Thank You!

Find Your Perfect Provider

Alexis Yeh, Acupuncturist Alexis Yeh
Focus on pain relief and medical conditions. Gentle. Stays in room during session, using several techniques for maximum effect.
Techniques: Acupuncture, osteopathy (manual therapy), e-stim, cupping, and moxa.
Stacey Anyzeski, Massage Therapist Stacey Anyzeski
Massage Therapist
Focus on pain relief & therapeutic massage. Excellent with deep tissue and specific medical conditions.
Techniques: Deep tissue, medical massage.
Melissa Lefcourt, Massage Therapist Melissa Timberman
Massage Therapist
Focus on pain relief & myofascial release. Gentle but effective.
Techniques: Myofascial release, deep tissue.