What Clients Love About Us

“I had a tightness in my jaw that I ignored until I could no longer yawn. I didn’t know if massage therapy could help or not, and was extremely pleased with how well Melissa was able to stretch and relax my gazillion facial muscles. I still don’t chew gum, but I can yawn very effectively!”

MM, Account Manager

“Melissa has been helping me with what is thought to be some brachial plexus issues. I also have some ribs that became “stuck”. She worked along with my physical therapist to help pain and tingling in my chest and down my arm. I have also had her work on some hip and IT Band issues as well. Melissa is always very attentive, and listens to everything that is going on with me. I have used it as a supplement to the physical therapy, and I think it has worked very well. I know I will be going back to her in the future as well!”

KS, Full-Time Parent

“I went to see Melissa for chronic pain in my knee that was preventing me from hiking- one of my favorite activities. I expected some relief from massage therapy, but was surprised at how effective it was. After just a few months of regular sessions, the pain was entirely gone.”
JL, Software Engineer

“Melissa has been invaluable, enabling me to continue my CrossFit training uninterrupted. Her knowledge of massage therapy exceeds far above and beyond the average. She doesn’t wonder or make conjecture to address your issues. She knows the right questions to ask, and how to ask them. She has repeatedly identified tight muscles and knows just what to do to relax them. When I had swelling in my lower leg due to a sports injury, Melissa applied the appropriate massage technique to help relieve the swelling. I attribute my rapid recovery and the quick decrease in swelling to Melissa’s accurate and effective therapy techniques. In another case, Melissa’s detailed attention and technique dissipated minor inflammation in one knee. Melissa gets right to the source of an issue and patiently strives to help you understand the “what happened and why” in simple language. You can have complete confidence and assurance in her professional abilities.”

JW, Accountant & Former Bullfighter

“My decision to have regular massage therapy was made with the intent of relieving stress and giving myself a treat to look forward to every two weeks! Through your work with me I’ve discovered that I carry a lot more stress in my body than I realized, and with concentrated effort, we’ve been successful in reducing that stress. I’ve also become more cognizant of things I do at work that may cause some of that stress, such as not sitting appropriately in my chair and hunching my shoulders as the day goes on. I’m now consciously trying to change those habits. I’ve incorporated the stretches you’ve recommended into my work day and my workouts. The result is that I feel better physically at the end of each day. And, I do still view my massages as treats I give myself!”

TA, Program Manager

Clients’ comments have not been edited for length or content.