Tabitha Clotiaux, Massage Therapist

Massage Benefits Everyone

Tabitha Clotiaux, massage therapistFive years ago I was diagnosed with Primary 1 Lymphedema. This condition causes out-of-control swelling, pain and discomfort. It is often restricted to one area of the body; for me, it affected my whole body. There is no known cause, and no cure either; only ongoing treatment.

After three years of working with western doctors and having no good results, I turned to eastern medicine and treatments. I started receiving lymphatic massage;  practicing yoga and stretching; and improved my nutrition and eating habits. It took several months, but for the first time in years I regained my ability to do normal activities that most people take for granted. I was thrilled to be able to walk normally, bend, do laundry, and put my clothes on without pain!

Multidisciplinary treatments manage to maintain my out-of-control lymphedema. I want to take the knowledge and skills I’ve learned, in healing myself, and give back to patients by helping them return to their best self mentally, emotionally and physically.

The Connection: Nursing and Massage

My background is in the nursing field. In the past 5 years I’ve worked mainly with long term care, physical rehab, and ICU patients. Those experiences helped guide my massage training so that I have a strong desire to help people return to, or become, the healthiest they can be.

When working in long term care, I saw residents lose their ability to do daily tasks such as combing their hair, brushing their teeth, and even dressing themselves. This happens far more often than I thought it should!

In long term care there is an extremely high nurse-to-patient ratio; there is generally one nurse to perhaps 12 or 13 patients. Often, with a work load that high, the nurses perform daily tasks for the residents because it’s simply faster than letting residents do things for themselves. However, over time, they lose their ability to take care of themselves.

When working in physical rehab, I had the opposite experience. Patients came in with limited ability to care for themselves due to injury, strokes, or illness. Within a few weeks, though, they were fully functional in their day to day tasks and activities. This sparked a fire in me. What if we combined holistic practices into daily living for the aging population? This would help keep them living a full, functional life at home. They could avoid nursing homes and could lengthen their life expectancy as well!

As a result of my personal journey and my passion for the aging community,  I pursued a holistic degree. Massage therapy was part of my degree. Using many modalities of bodywork, massage is helping me to fulfill my passion in life…helping bring people back to their best, healthy selves.

Professional Credentials

  • LMT
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  • Licensed Massage Therapist, MT-20502
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  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • State of Colorado
  • Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
  • Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy
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