Education & Self Care

Self care and education are important components of your massage treatments

Self care and education are important components of your massage treatments!

Education is one of the tenets of our customer service.  The more you know about how your body works, the better you can take care of yourself!  When you ask questions during a massage, you’ll learn to understand what your body is telling you; the dos and don’ts of taking care of yourself; as well as answers to simpler questions- the whats and whys of massage, anatomy, and physiology.

Every session is tailored to your needs.  Many people enjoy relaxing into the quiet and peace of the massage, but just as many people have a question or two during their session.  “What is that feeling in my [back, arm, etc]?” and “How does that [tight muscle, pain, etc] happen?” are two of the most common questions we encounter, and we are more than happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Self Care

Take care of yourself!

Although a one-hour massage can relieve much of the tension of the past several weeks or months, your therapist can’t do it all.  The way you treat your body between massages is just as important as the massage itself!

Your therapist often has a suggestion or two that are designed to help you stay relaxed and comfortable between sessions.  Most areas of chronic tension and pain have occurred after years of poor posture or sports-related postures. It takes more than one massage to eliminate all this built-up tension.  We wish, both as therapists and as receivers of massage, that this wasn’t true!

But alas, it is, so we arrive at the wonderful solution of self-care.  These are quick, simple, easy-to-use strategies that will help your muscles- and mind!- stay relaxed between sessions.  You’ll feel an improved sense of overall wellbeing, knowing that you are doing a little bit more to take care of yourself.

Different self-care techniques that we are happy to share include