About Kailo

Kailo: to be healthy, whole, and uninjured

The Journey Started Long Ago

Over five thousand years ago, a small group of hunter-gatherers spoke a language called Proto-Indo-European. Kailo was the word for their concept of wellbeing.

As the group grew and spread through Asia and Europe, the language they spoke diverged into the dozens of Indian and European languages we know today. Almost all languages have lost the concept of this original word.

English is the only language that has kept this concept.  Kailo is the common origin of words like hale, whole, hearty, wholesome, and, of course, heal.

Kailo Acupuncture and Massage provides the highest quality bodywork to help you heal from whatever ails you, be it an injury, surgery, or other issue. Our goal is to help you heal, and then to help you stay healthy and whole.

Learn more about the Proto-Indo-Europeans and their language.

About Us

We opened our doors in 2008, welcoming the residents and workers of the North Denver Metro area.

Each of our practitioners found the road to healing in a different way, at a different stage of life.  We stand united in our vision to provide healing, education, and the path to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Global in scope, local in nature

Current events are naturally worrisome.  But there is always good news; and there has been a definite, positive trend in businesses to be more responsible and ethical.

We are a part of this trend.  Each of our practitioners takes great pride in the quality of work that s/he does, always striving to be the epitome of the servant-expert in our fields.