As human beings we all tend to find ourselves focused outward. With so much to center on around us, it is easy to get wrapped up in unnecessary thoughts and actions. In our culture we are constantly bombarded with a pressure to stay disconnected. This disconnection is delivered through the media, pharmaceutical companies, people and corporations across the world. This separation is sometimes to engrained in us that we don’t understand what is means to be “connected.” Concerning, Right?

These constant distractions cause us to feel like we are not good enough. Like we need to look a certain way, act a certain way, and live a certain way. They tell us that we must buy a particular product to be a particular way. They perpetually direct these messages until we begin to believe it.
This is the disconnection.

These messages are made to break us and take us farther from who and what we truly are.

So How Do I Connect Back To Myself?

Here are some guidelines to help you realize that you are so much more than what the commercial says you are. These are tips on connecting and redirecting your thoughts of self worth. Through this advice you may find strong self empowerment.


Take time to reflect on what you love and don’t love about your life. Think about how strong or weak your mind, body, spirit connection is. Are you mindful of your choices? Could there be more love in your life? Are you happy? Pondering simple questions is a great starting point for reflection.

Alone Time

So many people have a fear of being alone. I believe alone time is essential for truly understanding and connecting with your true self. By not reaching out to people to distract you from how you are feeling, you will realize things you never knew about yourself. Spend this time away from all types of media. Read a book, cook a recipe, create a piece of art, etc.


Start to carry a small journal around with you, or keep one by your bed. This journal acts as a space to be completely honest with yourself and will release built up tension. By writing down your thoughts you are expressing yourself. This will also give you the opportunity to look at things in a different light when you read them.

Yoga, Meditation, Exercise

Physical activity will draw you away from disconnect and redirect your thoughts. Endorphins allow us to naturally feel amazing while doing good for our bodies and minds. Taking time to better yourself on all levels will gift you with the knowing of self worth and self acceptance.

Food as Medicine

We see that when we listen and look at negative things, we feel less and less empowered and capable. The same is true for what we consume. Being aware of what we consume will greatly benefit our ability to fully love ourselves. Eating natural healthy foods feeds our brain and body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally.

Positive Affirmations

Speak kind words to yourself every single day. We all have noticed that smiles and laughter are contagious. The same is true for positive words and statements. Speaking positively of and to yourself will compound into greater optimistic outlooks.

Love Yourself

In order to fully connect to our true potential and capabilities we must learn to love ourselves unconditionally. We must accept who we were, who we are, and who we will be. Once we realize that everything we are is everything we need, then we will be immune from the media, drugs, corporations, and negative people.


Know that everyday is a new chance to start again. Once you have identified who you are, chances are you have seen what more you would like to become. Eliminate the things that no longer serve you (TV, FB, Magazines, etc.). Make a plan or create a habit of daily activities that will excel you. In time your new lifestyle will empower you to be your best self.

If you find yourself watching hours of TV most days or being more interested in a celebrity’s life than your own then try a few or all of these things listed above. There is so much more to life than updating a status, or refilling an unnecessary prescription. We are all divine beings capable of infinite possibilities. Know your own self worth.

Be Empowered.